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When is 421 the right partner for you

You are a manager in the financial service sector and responsible for the realisation of your organisation’s strategic objectives. You require clear traceability of strategic objectives and benefits.-> You want the right change.

You want to maximise the probability of successful execution by drawing on expertise in proven [and disproven] execution strategies. You demand transparency and reduced risk through a model that covers all aspects of change -> You want change executed the right way.

You want to increase the probability of success by using experienced resources with the ability to pick the right team. You want an independent partner with clear alignment with your strategic goals -> You want the right people.

"The right change, the right way, with the right people"

The right change

Understand what is driving change and how it is affecting the marketplace

Read about change

The right way

Proactive Change Leadership focused on the whole picture

Our delivery model

The right people

The drivers of

Work with us

A reliable and independent partner

421 comes without ties or commitments to other vendors, making us a truly independent partner.
Our advice and services serve just one purpose – to maximise client value!