421 was founded in 2010 and has since accumulated over 200 years of experience in executing complex change initiatives within the financial sector. We are currently supporting three out of the four major banks in Sweden. The key word is execution. Passiveness is not our natural modus operandi; we want to be an integral part of the execution team. This unique combination of execution capacity and expertise in change management has helped our clients reach their goals ever since 421’s launch. We work hard every day together with them to continue this success

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421 was established in 2010 by a mangement team that had a clear vision of delivering excellent project management in the financial service sector. The first year of operation was mainly focused on delivering client value through ourselves:

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Growth picks up as the first employees join the company.

Strong focus on supporting clients with compliance with new banking regulations.

421 expands into Test Management.

Continued focus on compliance as the company’s growth flattens in a stagnating market.

As the growth of the market picks up pace, so does 421.

A new CEO joins the company to support the continued growth and business development.

We invest in new office space in Kungsgatan 10.

Continued interest in the company pushes the management team to start laying the foundation for a strong future.

We revisit our client value proposition, revealing the foundation of a new concept.

Change leadership securing

The right change, the right way, with the right people is rolled out.

We start a digital transformation journey to support future growth and continued client satisfaction.

Our first Perspectives newsletter is published.

A great year with seven new employees and four new clients.

Introducing our first offering within Program Management Office. Continued focus on financial market research with more perspectives released.

Moving into larger premises at Kungsgatan 8.

The first 100 years of experience took 4 years.

The next 100 years of experience took less than 2 years.

421 will continue to grow with a focus on delivering quality support to our clients in the financial services sector

Accumulated years of experience supporting clients in succeeding with complex change initiatives:

Years since company was founded: