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421 is growing!

We are so excited to announce that three new colleagues have joined our team!

Erica Ohlsson has a broad experience from several major banks in Sweden and the Nordics. As a Project Manager and Management Partner, Erica has experience from cross-border project management, communication and strategy. She has also worked in the public sector and her fields of expertise are wealth management, compliance and sustainable finance. Erica is very social and driven and has a passion for sustainability and communication.

When not working, Erica loves skiing in all forms as well as other outdoor sports. She is a yoga instructor and likes to challenge herself and others on the yoga mat.

Emma Henrikson is a consultant with experience from internal financial processes as well as AML risk management. Prior to joining 421, she was the head of finance and events at a IT-consulting company in Stockholm. Emma also has experience from starting and running her own company in the US as a professional golfer.

On her spare time, she enjoys doing anything outdoorsy and active including hiking, skiing, running, or trying to keep up with her golf game.

Ingrid Nyström is a goal-oriented consultant at 421 with background from risk advisory services and large global organizations. Prior to joining 421, Ingrid worked at Deloitte with internal audit and operational risks in sectors such as financial services, transportation and energy. She also has experience in project management within a large consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, as a project manager. In addition to financial sector, Ingrid also has experience from customer support at a leading Swedish bank.

During her spare time Ingrid loves sports such as horseback riding and cross-country skiing or reading books as she as a fan of popular science.