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AML Risk & Analytics

Providing market leading expertise at the intersection of analytics, risk, and AML/CTF compliance

Model Risk Management

Our model risk management engagements are focused on helping clients with everything from solving issues related to governance and steering, to developing practical methods and processes for model documentation, model monitoring, model life-cycle management and validation.

Model Development

We specialize in customer risk rating, transaction monitoring and country risk rating models. Our model development engagements are focused on assisting clients with the development of new models, or guiding them through the tuning and optimization of their existing model portfolio.

Risk Intelligence

Risk intelligence entails assisting and advicing clients in understanding, monitoring, and quantifying their risk exposures. As part of a risk intelligence engagement we are often evaluating our client overall risk strategies as well.

About ARA

A team of highly respected specialists and experts

We are relentlessly focused on helping our clients solve challenges on the most complex end of the finacial crime prevention spectra.
Blending strategic and analytical thinking with hands-on practicality, we work to develop and implement market leading solutions and strategies at the intersection of analytics, risk, and AML/CTF compliance. We have gained extensive experience providing such solutions to a number of leading banks and financial institutions across the Nordic and Baltic regions.
What we do

AML/CTF Advisory and Managed Services

421 ARA offers advisory and managed services within AML/CFT to actors in the financial sector. Advisory services include subject-matter expertise within niche areas such as Model Development, Model Risk Management and Risk Intelligence, while managed services entail an ongoing commitment where we on the client’s behalf may perform continuous tasks such as Model Monitoring, Model Validation, and General Risk Assessment.

Model Risk


Risk Intelligence,
Analysis, and Assessment

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421 is a consultancy firm characterized by proactivity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a compassionate culture. We thrive in the center of change and in being an integral part of the execution team. Joining us, you will get the opportunity to work within general change management or niche areas such as AML risk modeling. Either way, you will work on complex transformation initiatives that shape the future of financial services.