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Execution Excellence

421 Execution Excellence provide advisory and management consulting services to clients within the financial services sector in need for transformation. Our manifesto for an effective change involves The Right Change, The Right Way with The Right People.

The right change

Understanding what drives the need for an organization to change and to ensure that the right changes are pursued,

The right way

The changes pursued need to be realized in all the relevant dimensions of an organization's being and executed applying strategies, methods and tools with the best fit for purpose.

The right people

Executing change involves and affects people why organizational change is conditioned on onboarding individuals and teams with capabilities to change and inspire others to do the same.

About Execution Excellence

Reinforcing customer leadership and change capabilities

We join forces with our customers’ challenges in meeting the many change-exectations coming from their owners, customers, and regulators.
With our focus on and experience from the financial industry, we understand what is required, where obstacles may occur and how to achieve the requisite results. We provide specialized and proven capabilities required in larger as well as smaller change initiatives. Examples of such capabilities are i) establishment and execution organizational change management and communication, ii) in/out-sourcing as well as divestments and iii) compliance and regulation change execution.
What we do

Driving our customers' agendas

421 Excecution Excellence offer senior change leaders prepared to take managerial responsibility for driving our customers’ change agenda. We are accustomed executing change in program and project organizations, in agile organization structures and in hybrid structures of the two. In doing so, we focus on establish a close report with senior stakeholders and a strong collaboration with customer employees, vendors and other consultants.

Business and IT

Operational design &
process implementation


Become a part of our team

421 is a consultancy firm characterized by proactivity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a compassionate culture. We thrive in the center of change and in being an integral part of the execution team. Joining us, you will get the opportunity to work within general change management or niche areas such as AML risk modeling. Either way, you will work on complex transformation initiatives that shape the future of financial services.