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Payments Expertise

A team of qualified specialists within the payment area. We are relentlessly helping our customers to capture opportunities in a fast-changing payment market with increased competition and time for go-to-market.



Global transformation from an old format to a common format being ISO20022. This affects e.g. Batch payments, Instant payments, request to pay, cross-border payments via swift.


Instant Payments

New infrastructure being provided by the central banks will open up for a broader offering around instant payments enabling new payment solutions. Possibly new customer behavior.


Bankgiro Decommission

Transition of Bankgiro services to new actors and partners such as P27, Riksbanken as well as payment processing for commercial banks. Driving change for several years and affecting all consumers and producers of payment services.

About Payments Expertise

We combine deep industry experience with a passion for payments

In a period of an unprecedented number of fundamental changes to the payment market, we provide our customers with expertise required to succeed with their transformations.

In close collaboration with our customers, we help them adopt and make adjustments needed for tomorrow’s payments landscape. This also includes development of bank products and customer offerings to capitalize on opportunities possible through new technology and the ISO20022 standard. We are providing our services to banks and other actors in the payment market.

What we do

Payments Professional Services

421 payments offers specialist services to actors in the financial sector. Specialist services include subject-matter expertise within niche areas such as business architecture, rule books, regulations and clearing and settlement.




Become a part of our team

421 is a consultancy firm characterized by proactivity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a compassionate culture. We thrive in the center of change and in being an integral part of the execution team. Joining us, you will get the opportunity to work within general change management or niche areas such as AML risk modeling. Either way, you will work on complex transformation initiatives that shape the future of financial services.